Who is a Lime Juicer? - Into yourself!

  • Where are you based?
  • How long did it take to get approved?
  • How much are you making?
  • Any tips and tricks?


I charge for both Lime and Bird but got approved for Lime faster. In Salt Lake City, Utah there are 300+ people charging for Lime! We know that because a new regional manager accidentally CC’d instead of BCC’d all the Lime chargers in an email when he first took over. That’s one person per scooter so the competition can often be so intense that there are some days when it’s nearly impossible to get any scooters for Lime. Bird appears to be more exclusive but punitive & restrictive (banned easily, few early or late nests, no release before 4am, higher fault rates requiring extra time and effort to get paid what you are owed, lower base pay $3). But if you work 25 days a month you can make a thousand dollars in good weather. Limes are hella heavy, take longer than average bird to charge and have low dynamic payout cap (under $5 here). You will have to pay more for Lime power supplies but get 4 instead of 3 (bird). Price for Lime power supplies range from $8 to $80 (for 4) and the shipping is UPS Ground (slow). Bird has always sent to me for free and with fast shipping. The upside is they will charge both Lime and Bird scooters (with some slight variance in output amps). If you are in a cold climate then don’t expect to make much money until it warms up - there is low ridership. And be aware of the restrictions and hazards of charging in freezing temperatures. When it snows or there is ice it’s nearly impossible to ride, move, or transport scooters here is a video of me deploying scooters in the snow: https://youtu.be/kVIebdA0YTE


I’m Mike. Lime juicer. Mesa az. Been on for a week. Still learning the ropes. And irritated with the lime staff hoarding limes. Quit that crap. Not cool.


Hey Mike how long did you wait to get activated with lime ? I m still waiting


It took about 6 or 7 weeks. I just kept e-mailing and texting them. Lol


Phoenix, AZ
2 weeks to get approved
The worse part was the waiting for the chargers to come with UPS but it was also Christmas and New Years!
Just received chargers today and hope to start juicin next day.
It looks Iike most scooters on map are around $5


Good luck. It took a week to get my chargers


I am Kevin
in san francisco, I was approved with lime 3 weeks ago, they said they would let me know when chargers were available, if they would activate me I can buy charger somewhere else


Hey, Adam here in Tacoma, Wa. Been 2 weeks since I filled out the app to be a juicer, still have not heard from them other then the first text that said they would get ahold of me when chargers become available.