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The scooter industry is moving at breakneck pace and as we are at the beginning of this movement, charging can sometimes be chaotic, confusing, and frustrating. But it’s can also be lucrative, flexible and fun. Let’s use this community to help each other make more money, answer questions, and help each other out.


If you have any suggested rules for the community, let us know.

We want this to be a positive space where we can celebrate and learn from each other. It’s ok to complain about something in the charging world. There is definitely a lot to complain about! But we don’t want to see any attacking of each other or encouragement of illegal behavior.


Ok so I need some help. My iPad is out of commission for a couple weeks however I still want to try to stet by using m phone. With that said I already have the Chargers and I already applied for to be a supercharger now when I go to Lime I don’t know how to read the map I see the map on the email but the map doesn’t look like the map when I look at it can anyone help me get the juicer side working on my Lime app


I agree that there is alot of negativity being said… I applied to be a Bird Charger… Got my chargers and was so excited to start… My neighbor charges for lime… By the time he got done telling me about all of his negative experiences especially about dropping off and releasing the Scooters as far as not being able to find places or having to go so far out of the way to drop them, I had gotten so scared and so discouraged that I didn’t even start… I suffer from depression and thought that by doing this it would help me get out… Meet people and just enjoy something new and different… But I didn’t even get a chance to try… I was just to discouraged to start…


I just started Juicing and I find that it’s really helped me combat some anxiety around the holidays. Being out and about makes me feel like I am part of the “secret city”, part of the folks who make infrastructure happen. When people see I’m gathering these things up, no one ever questions my flashers or my double parked truck. I’m surprised to find the hunt is fun. It helped pull me out of an emotional funk I have been in since October.

What I’m saying is: maybe give it try and see how you feel. You won’t pick up every scooter on the list, but at least you’re helping the greater good and gathering up some small bits of cash. That infusion every morning in my bank account, no matter how small, really helps my brain.


I know this is super late, but I was just reading today that Lime doesn’t work on iPads.