UT Austin Now has $150 parking fine for Scooters


Got this through Lime.

Please be advised we have updated our parking violation policy as of 8/8/19.

The University of Texas requires users to park their scooters at bike racks and designated scooter parking areas on campus. All scooters improperly parked on campus will be subject to impound. If your recent parking violation on campus results in your Lime scooter being impounded by the University of Texas, your user account will be charged an impound fee of $150. To avoid fees, please refer to Lime’s in-app map for permitted parking areas highlighted in blue.

The University of Texas requires that Lime adhere to the University’s scooter parking regulations and penalties. All scooters parked on campus must be parked at bike racks or in designated areas ONLY. According to University of Texas policy, all improperly parked scooters will be immediately impounded and a fee of $150 will be assessed. The University’s Parking and Transportation Department’s guidelines on proper parking and scooter etiquette can be reviewed here.

Lime does not benefit in any way from this, as 100% of the fine is paid directly to the University. To avoid a potential removal from the Lime platform, Lime encourages you to follow the parking guidelines correctly. Additionally, when taking a photo to end your ride, make sure it is clear that you are properly parked – this could help with disputing any University fines charged on your account.


lmao holy shit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: FUCK TEXAS!