Using scooter to pick up more


I used to drive to harvest lime scooters. Lately during the day I’ve been able to find 1 close to my house. I charge it, get it ready to take it out and harvest . I’ve collected 6 more scooters, stack them on top of each other. It helps if you tie the back if scooters together so they won’t move. At first it was not easy. Now… Let’s ride… Saving on gas


Yeah I had to do the same thing my car was broke down like two weeks after I started charging so I pick up the closest one to me charge it and head on harvest like that my car started working again but it’s too much gas you know I think I’m going to go back to harvesting on the scooter


I stack up to 4 scooters on top. Not easy but doable. Lol. How do you do it? I’m trying to come up with a way or something I can add to scooter and load them on there. I’ll post pictures if we are able to do that on here.


I’ve been doing this with reasonable success. There dont seem to be enough to make it worth while on weekdays but the weekends are poppin.

I usually ride one, push one. I can make good time. Going to try to secure the back wheels and see if I cant chariot that [email protected]*!