Unable to unlock to harvest


Tonight was ridiculous. 6 times i drove to get scooters that said they were ready to be harvested and once i got there it gave error of unharvestable. Then disappeared from map. So frustrating. Anyone else get this alot? Any secrets on how to harvest them?


Same thing happened to me. Take pictures, report it. Eventually they will have to pay us for issues on their end. I hate waisting my time and money to get no scooters.


We have noticed if the lime has a battery at 50 or more it wnt let u harvest it bt if its less then 50 u can harvest even if its on charger mode its still goin to read on rider node also idk y bt it does


Yeah i thought that in the beginning but i had 2 last night one was 18% and the other was 41%.


And the 18% came up on map around 815. I wnt to it and tried to harvest and said i couldn’t. Then sure as shit it wasn’t on the map anymore.


Hmmm thats werid well win i cant harvest the lime wat i do is watch it like c if the gps signel jumps around n c how long it stays in charger n in rider mode if u dnt see it in rider mode no more n its still at the spot it shows then go try n harvest it again n if that still dnt work i wud just report like wit a screen shot on the lime map spot n explans to them wat its doin


Thanks for the heads up. Yeah i always report them incase for some reason down the road they decide to pay us for those lol. Back pay ya feel me? Bwahahaha


Ya i feel ya bro thats wat im always doin lol cuz i love useing the scooter map


I do the same. I take pictures, notify lime if scooter not letting me harvest even when it’s at 8 percent. I go out if my way to get scooters for the app not be working the way it should


These are hoarders