Terminated for following instruction


i cant beliebe the audacity


I was terminatedfor emailing support in help releasing my birds this morning. I swear these bird people are very helpfull and ive had a great time hunting and releasing scoiters in tbe wild but for them to accuse me if having been movinf scoiters while tbere still in rider mide or holdung sciiters while nit in charger mide just makes me furious. But yet they had me charge and hunr scoiters all night and release all mirning from 3;30am to 7:09am just to terminste me right as soo. As i wakr uo frim all the gard wirk uve out in. On top of nit payi g me for the same day release. Bullsjhit is what i say. I dont think ill ever even try and work for bird again in my life. They best reactivat my account and pay me my money or ill stsrtcollecting birds and selling them to chargers my self


That’s crazy because the same thing happened to me I was having an issue with the Bluetooth and I cannot release my birds after releasing them later on that day my account started acting funny and log me out and then trying to login it said on authorized then I get a email saying my account has been canceled this is some real bull crap you do things right other people keep birds in their house use them to make money without even charging and this is what we get it’s a very unfair group of people running this business


You should have not cheated


You should of had not snitched


I had a defective “problem” bird and I knew it right when I captured it. In fact, if the bird has any damage or anything going on with the control box, people need to screenshot a picture of the map before you capture it.

So I knew that bird was a problem bird and I screenshotted and took pictures all through until release as if I was doing a manual release. After the bird disappeared off my task list a couple hours later I got a text saying “charger it looks like you’re still holding on to a bird.” Needless to say I was very glad I had taken precautions because I texted them everything including my task list and told them it was a broken bird. I texted them all the photos and a standard text saying that they had credited my account. I really earned that bounty!


I also was terminated for not putting unsafe birds out on the street when they told me to I made them safe and then placed them out they let me go they only care about having birds one the street not peoples safty