Team Tagging Scooters


Recently I watch something interesting. What I would call a team of chargers was capturing scooters asynchronously. One charger would scout ahead, riding a scooter that had been captured, the headlight was dark, the first charger would capture and then ride to the next clutch of birds. Another charger would followup soon afterwards and load the captured birds into a trailer. a pretty ingenious division of work.


Not worth it if your splitting winnings by 2. I get about 100$ a night. After gas taxes and putting in my vehicle it wouldn’t be worth It to divide It by 2


It kinda depends… My husband and I work together I navigate and scan and he drives and packs and it DOES give a bit of an advantage to the process. With a navigator alone I prevent him from setting a destination then driving all the way to the location of my to find someone scanning, I set GPS and then watch reel time while we are heading to the location and I’m scanning while he is packing so we end up doing 20 in less than an hour, and that’s with a 11 to 16(depending on which model :bird:) in the car at a time.and we have to ride about 15 minutes back from downtown to unload before we can top off and sometimes we can get like 25 if they haven’t all been snatched by the time we get unloaded and back out. When he goes out by himself he always has a way harder time finding them and it takes him way longer.


So, you could have just agreed, its not worth it if your splitting it two ways. He’s not, and of coarse having help makes it easier and faster. But the article, I believe reffered to two Chargers working together which means the money would go to two separate accounts and two different households.


That is a pretty creative idea. I can see how it would work pretty well if they got good at it. I think that splitting pickup and drop off could be worth splitting.


There is a team of about 6 girls who all scramble to find 3 scooters at 9pm then they will double ride untill they find the next one one girl jumps off and they ride em both to the car one girls takes off to find another and the other jumps on a scooter that’s dedicated to just driving around dropping off girls to scooters by 930 they will have completely cleared about 70 scooters or more I can’t imagine how many charger packs they have I know I have 11 and that’s a lot


I was having trouble releasing some birds about a month ago(been a charger for just shy of 3 months now) and in an email to charger support I mentioned talking to another charger about different problems I was having and their advice. I got a quick snarky reply saying, “that working with other chargers is collusion”, and that this was my only warning and if I was found colluding again I would be banished from the bird community.". They required me to send a confirmation email stating that I understood what constitutes a violation and it’s consequences. It was a serious fucking email. So I wonder if theses groups or even duos are working under one account or if they are charging close to the edge of being banned.


Yes we have seen this alot to. I thank ppl that want to team up and do it as a team as long as they are doin it the rite way then it shud b ok…