Should we get paid?


So we as Lime juicers use Lime App and or Scooter Map to harvest scooters. As independent workers I ask this… If I am using Lime App and I go to a scooter location and it’s not there or it’s damaged. I can’t harvest it. Mmm, I just lost time, fuel, now I’m pissed the F… Off. Who says that we should be the ones losing here? It’s their app. If it’s not there we should get some % of whatever amount for fuel at least. if it’s damaged we can’t harvest. We scan and report the scooter. Why aren’t we getting paid for this? I used their app, drove to location, couldn’t harvest because it’s damaged, reported the scooter as damaged. They pick up scooter… Yay. All good. Hell no it’s not all good. Wtf. I worked, drove, scanned, reported, used my time, fuel and helped the company get a damaged scooter out of the street. Why aren’t we getting some type of pay for this? I document everything. Everything. I strongly believe that sooner or later we will get paid for things like the two examples I gave. I hope lol


I agree this has happened too many times to the point that I no longer want to be a juicer. Or at least create positions for picking up damaged chargers.


I feel you. When I started juicing it was good. 3 days later I found a lot of problems with not just the app but with sorry ass people that I don’t call juicers. People holding scooters mess up quality time with my kids.


That’s right, we SHOULD be paid for our time and effort looking for scooters that aren’t there! I’ve wasted SO much time, energy, gas, cell data, etc for nothing it’s RIDICULOUS!