Serving issues with lime


Hi everyone. So i had a problem serving today. The rain. Kept hitting my screen and messing up my serve. I had a few drop at 715 730ish. But it looks like i still got full payment. Is there a small time frame that keeps us from getting payment deducted?


No at 7.00.00. You are moved to the end of the lineā€¦ complete BS. Designed for financial gain


Who knows. Lol. Ive served scooters later than that but got paid in full. My son is a juicer also and he has dropped of scooters way later and got paid. I hate it when its passed 7am and still have scooters to serve. Ive gotten paid but would hate to one day not get my full $$$ or my cap be brought down. Best advise. Serve before 7