Scooters not as abundant as they used to be?


Scootermap, what’s going on? For days now I’ve not seen a single scooter on your map. I’m still getting notifications that there are scooters near by, but when I click to zoom, nothing. If I’m not able to use the app to locate scooters, but only to make my wallet lighter, It may be time to break up with you.


This might sound obvious, have you checked your filters? On the Filter tab, the Companies section would be where to check first. Go to a spot on the map where you know there are scooters (like if you checked Bird or Lime apps first to confirm), then look at Companies in our Filter tab, you should see something like “Bird - 0 of 4” or “4 of 4”.

If it’s showing “0 of X” (where X is greater than 0) of the ones you’re looking for, that means the filters are hiding everything on the map.


I am having the exact same issue. Did you do something different to change the results? Im getting 1-2 scooters. And notifications every hour they are there but nothing showing.