Scooter unlocked before i arrived


I was on my way to harvest a scooter, but a couple of feet before i made it to the scooter, it unlocked with no one around. I was thinking someone unlocked it from a distance because they seen me arriving. Thats not possible is it? Lol


Its called ‘remote unlock’ and it’s doubtful anyone was watching you. They were in their garage on a stool and quite possibly they were remote tracking THAT scooter for an ominous reason.
If they just turned it on for a second it’ll give them the location. If they leave it on they can see where it goes; whether by truck, car, or ridden.


It is possible. I am looking into how also. The person unlocking it has to have the first 3 digits of the scooter. The last 3 numbers you can get from the app. If they are not near by though anyone can take the scooter.


If its not in your task list, its not your scooter. Always check.