RVA Jail Birds :(


Ever since the launch of Bird in Richmond, there has been an unspoken competition, or race, between chargers and tow truck drivers and who can collect the most Birds. Is it like this in every city, or is it just a Richmond thing?
We will release 200+ Birds into the city and 99% of them will be impounded for life within a few days. Aside from a few random Birds popping up sporadically, there are no Birds in the city to charge or ride until another shipment arrives 2 to 3 weeks later. I can’t imagine this being the norm. I’m half tempted to drive to Raleigh or DC to go hunting!
While electric scooters have yet to be made into law here in RVA, what makes an electric scooter “impoundable?” Leaving it in the middle of the street? Having it parked in a “no scooter zone” lol or maybe leaving it at a bike rack? :rofl:
Richmond was supposed to have another drop for 200 Birds tomorrow 10/12 but they cancelled it. I wonder if they’re just giving up on us! Maybe it’s that hurricane…


Wow, that is crazy! Why would they do that? How are they going to charge them? They will eventually get caught doing this.


Supposedly, they tried making Bird pay a $100,000+ fine. I guess Bird laughed at them and offered them $10,000. They took the $10k and gave back like 15 scooters. I mean, it’s crazy. This tow truck company then went so far as to knock on my door day and night for like 3 days asking me where my Birds were I was charging! My neighbor told him to get lost, but really who would pay $100k? Nobody…keep on dreaming.


I was talking to a homeless guy one morning who told me I should implement this in Los Angeles and how easy it would be to legally do. I researched it just a little bit and surrprisingly he seemed to be correct in all of the details he told me LOL

I’m not really that guy, though, so I’ll leave it for someone else to do (and probably lose my mind when I see it happen and how Bird had to pay a fortune to some tow company).


I’m in la too. I want to hear more, if you want then text me 7577057822


No Birds in Baltimore. All locked behind private property. An it’s all because they don’t require a license to ride them.


Do you think scooter ride-sharing is just going to fade away eventually from too many dishonest people? They should just start selling them rather than offering them to rent. I’d buy one.


Not true. They’re not ALL locked behind private property in Baltimore.


Yo I’m from l. A man ya could find birds everywhere here in man especially by were I live at whoever would like 2 join me Give me a call and probably make a team of chargers that could cover a zone of birds


That’s got to be illegal. Utah has cracked down on the lawlessness of tow trucking and I doubt that could happen here.


They are currently available… wew.amazon.com