Request and suggest new serving hubs


Anyone know how to request or suggest lime hub locations.

I live in a Beach town and the locations they have chosen could be better. I live and walk these streets every day and I feel like I could provide good insight on where to place better hubs.

Emails to the [email protected] get replied with a standard response


I wish I knew. I have recommendations for hubs in Los Angeles area where there are so many people passing thru there. New scooter companies are now putting their hubs there


Well, I read a post by someone who requested a new hub, and that request was fulfilled… or, should I stay, attempted, because each hub gets evaluated, and if demand there is too low, it will disappear again. Don’t know which address it was he wrote to though…


I prayed really hard… Lol there are 3 hubs near my house. Well 1 right in front of the house. Love it


So how long have those three hubs been there? How many scooters do you take there each day? And are they actually all being taken for a ride by people?


For a month now. But now they are gone. ):
Sucks, a white van came by 2 days ago picked up all scooters and told me that lime is getting rid of most hubs around the area and going about 15 miles north of me. Sucks. All scooters that I served at these hubs always got rented out early morning


Yeah, I can see it… I guess you’re near downtown Los Angeles, right? Lime has its business areas at the western and southern beaches instead and in the areas around them, though I do see a few stray Limes in downtown LA as well. Or am I missing something here?