Reporting horters


I am tired of spending not just time driving to a location , fuel, and quality time with my kids to find out that scooter is with a juicer. Not 1 scooter but 10-15 scooters. SAD. For many reasons, SAD. Is it cool that many people are doing their job correctly and lose money because of horters? No, not at all. The company says they will handle it. I believe them. I believe that Lime is taking care of this. The way I see it, whom ever lasts longer in this will survive. A playing game to many. Many call juicers as low life people. Someone not educated, didn’t finish high school, etc. I have 2 good careers. Happy with both. Everyone has their ups and downs. This is extra money for me. It’s fun, I ride scooter for a bit, charge them, clean them, and most of all I’m happy that scooters are being used by many people. Helps our environment. Smog is a killer. Smog tech and Rn


I’m not sure exactly what/how Lime is handling this, but Bird has a “report fraud” button right in the app. report them, it’s started working in the Ausitn area, we had a rural farm with over 100 Bird/Lime scooters, they all disappeared fromt he map last week.


I think it’s great that when you grow up you want to become a smog technician or an RN! It’s important you stay in school like you said so you can acquire the grammar and spelling skills necessary for those careers. You’ll also learn how to use computers and smart phones (little computers we all have in our phones) so you can use spell check!
Also, little ones should know there is no such thing as wasted quality time with Dad or Mom.
Don’t spend all your charging money on candy! You should “hort” it all & buy a car when you’re 16!


Was written purely in jest. My apologies if I was out of line. Entertainment purposes only…
Please be careful if you post on Reddit or other places. Your time will be consumed by battling vicious trolls.
Sincerely af


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