Reporting hoarders (Bird)


So… There are MANY hoarders in my immediate area, and I report them everyday with their hoard, yet day after day, they’re out hoarding scooters, sitting on them til the pay increases, then cashing out and rebuilding their hoard. So, after 2 months of reporting the SAME hoarders, when will Bird take any action?
I’m about to start collecting birds by knocking on doors and demanding the stolen scooters.


I have tonnns of pictures of hoarders. I also confronted a hoarder last night. We should make a hoarder shaming page lol.


That is seriously not a bad idea. I have just about given up charging since it’s almost impossible to even find a scooter in my area.


I gotcha, Here’s the subreddit.


Reporting horders is a good thing but cops really couldn’t careless about scooters being stolen or people hording them. Bird does fire chargers who do it but very slowly. But I did want to put this out there I’m a mechanic and I have anywhere between 5 to 10 birds in my inventory some of them have brain or electrical issues that unable then to unlock or not let them come off the map so it looks on a map I’m hording but I’m not the price is always the same for me I cant even see tuhe charger map so I dont even know what then payout is .so make sure they are hording before u start reporting
Dont dont forgot to mArk birds as damaged if there any damage is found


The BIRD map for chargers should not be showing a unit that is not available for capture.
BIRD is wasting chargers time if the unit is in the possession of a mechanic and cannot be captured. So however they need to do it - those should be captured by the mechanic or removed as available for capture - somehow.


ENJOY…every beep…this happen a few weeks ago