Pay structure proposal


After having intensively studied the shared scooter market (at least here in Vienna), I’ve come to the conclusion that the pay structure of scooter companies should be revised in order to better align the interests of juicers / chargers, riders and companies.

Bascially you can view the pay for charging a scooter as a combined pay for three components: fetching the scooter off the street, charging it and bringing it back. Recently both Lime and Bird have basically moved to paying flat rates while previously their rates were both raising over time (Bird’s more so than Lime’s). And Bird now pays their mechanics more if the scooters they put out actually get ridden up to twice in the next 24 hours.

Therefore I would revise those components as follows:

  • Fetching the scooter could give a location bonus of up to $2… there usually is no location bonus if the scooter is located at or near a hub or nest with high demand, it should be around $1 in places with a demand of about 1 scooter a day and higher if you collect it from a place where it would probably sit multiple days before being used.
  • Charging: here the pay should actually be dependent from the remaining charge… maybe you’d get $1 for 50-85% scooters, $2 for 20-50% and $3 for 0-20%. This would make it more urgent to charge scooters which are already low on charge and also compensate for the higher energy usage and more time needed to charge the scooter.
  • Holding: This would come into effect if the company forces you to hold your scooters due to bad weather… in this case you’d get $1 extra for each day begun you’re forced to hold each scooter.
  • Hub (or nest) bonus: This, again, would be up to $2 per scooter, and it’s dependent on where you put it out. I’d calculate it as ($2 - ($2 * (number of scooters already present at that point + 1) / demand in scooters per day at that point)). And if you put out multiple scooters at one hub, that bonus would decrease for each scooter, but by how much is dependent on the demand at that point. To make up for this, many more points would be open as a hub, but some of them would give lower bonuses and usually only have 1 or 2 spots each, so it would be up to you if you want to drive farther and earn a higher bonus or deliver the scooters to multiple small hubs near your location and earning less per scooter.
  • Payout decrease: Instead of docking your pay or letting you snooze, you would have about an hour of time for each 10% a scooter you collect is below 100%, after that, during the daytime (7 a.m. through 9 p.m.) a timer starts ticking, and you get deducted 15 cents (or more, not sure here) for each hour per scooter until it gets delivered to a hub.

What would you think of such a pay structure?


Really interesting Kurt!

It sounds like instead of doing this pay structure, scooter co’s are separating into different tasks – charge vs move vs etc.


Well, it seems like someone has listened… Lime now sometimes puts out “starred hubs” where you get $1 extra for each Lime served there.