New Features!


These are features currently under development. Some will be free and some will be for Superchargers only. As each is complete we’ll move it into the “Released” section below.

Are there other features you’d like to see us develop? Post below and let us know!

SHARED MISSING MARKERS (Superchargers only)

This feature will allow you to hide scooters other Superchargers have already marked as missing.


This feature will assign a score to each scooter telling you how likely it is to be where the map says it is. This prediction is based on historical data and signals we’ve collected over time.


This feature tells you when and where you should go to find scooters other people aren’t picking up quickly.


The Scootermap App will be in the app store next week! Now you can take the power of ScooterMap wherever you go!


Nothing here yet!



Is there a way to add a sound notification when you are close to an available scooter? Maybe a simple ping sound or something.


For the app, it would certainly be good if you could include more companies (if you get access to their data), not only for scooters. For instance, here in Vienna, we have TIER having scooters to rent as well besides LIME and BIRD, and then there are free-floating moped scooters (some electric, some gas) by GoUrban, Mo2Drive, Sco2T (a Viennese company, but their data is pretty freely available) and ÖAMTC Easy Way, and cars are being offered by Car2Go and DriveNow. It would be nice if all those free-floating offers could be included in one app where you could select the services you are a member of (or you want to see) and then see all the available vehicles nearby by any of those companies.


I’m not understanding the missing mark thing, is it standard for people to mark them as missing so they can get to the scooter? Sorry, I’m fairly new to this.


As far as I understand, you want to mark a scooter as missing if you went there to charge it, but couldn’t find it, so that the others know it was hidden and don’t bother picking it up.
(By the way, Lime has the German translation of that term wrong in their app… in German they call it “Fehlendes Zeichen”, which would be the translation of “Missing Mark” (or, indeed, “Mark missing”) as if a mark was missing.)


Ah, I see. Then it’s what I already was doing but it only happened to me twice yet. Thank you.


The main sell point on this app for me is the SMS notification of scooters nearby. However, in another thread it indicates that the radius distance is fixed at 800 meters which is practically useless to me. I would like to be able to have this radius user definable and maybe be able to draw it on a map. In any event, it needs to be like 3 miles for it to be of any use for me, because the scooters are infrequent in my area. As it is, the 800 meters does nothing for me. I’m not sure why I’d renew my membership after the trial period.


Thanks for that feedback.

For now, you can set multiple tracked locations. But we are working on expanding the 800m limit.


So far, I’m liking the app. I would like to be able to shrink the dots, squares, etc. that are used for markers on the map – they sometimes obscure road names or other critical map data.

Bird not only has chargers, but also mechanics. It would be nice for those folks to be able to get a view of the scooters that are flagged for pickup by mechanics. (It would also be useful for chargers because if we find one that isn’t on our map after 9 PM, being able to change the filter and see that it is flagged for a mechanic would help us understand what we are seeing and why.)

The company called Spin is coming to my city, sooner or later. (At least we think so – it was publicly announced that they applied for a business license here anyway.) Adding their data to the map would be useful for folks in the areas where they operate (even if it’s just scooters available to ride).

I like my maps on electronic devices to put the direction I am facing as “up” on the map – it makes it a lot easier to visualize. It would be a useful option (but it should be just an option, not something that everyone has to endure – I realize that it would drive some people nuts if the map orientation kept changing).

GPS is capable of providing elevation data. It is not clear if the GPS in these scooters is capturing and transmitting that data, but if they do have the data, making it available would be helpful, especially when standing next to an 8-story parking garage with a green mark on it.

The scooters are Bluetooth enabled. I wonder if there is a way to add some DF (directional finding) capability to the app to help locate hidden scooters…

Keep up the good work…

Edit added a few hours later: It seems that a new version went out today. I had not seen it when I made the above comments. The dot size has shrunk considerably – too much actually. I’ll reiterate that this should be a setting that users can change.