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Hi my name is Remy and charge out of Los Angeles, I have some suggestions for Bird and Lime that will help Us out in the field…countless times I would mark a bird to catch and get there to be seconds late from someone else grabbing it before me…I don’t know about you guys but where I charge, I usually have to drive a ways for the next one, so I wasted all that gas to drive over there ro be taken from me seconds.later…so it would be cool just like they do when. We release the birds to the nest, u mark it and its urs for thirty mins, do the same for the scooters once u marked that ur on ur way to get that scooters it tells you from where ur at u have a certain time frame to get it, if u don’t capture in time it’s free game to anybody who wants it…


Hey Charles, that’s a great idea. The same think kind of happened to me here in San Diego yesterday. I pulled up to a bird but since there was someone behind me I pulled up just a bit then pulled over to get it but the person behind me had no consideration and stopped in the middle of the road to pick it up. I thought that was pretty shady cuz they saw me pull over for the bird. I guess considerete people finish last :man_shrugging::ok_hand:


Yep I have mentioned that myself as it happened to me when visiting Raleigh lol so I went back to Richmond where it rarely does.


Yup happens here in Kansas City quite a bit, tbh I feel like people will just abuse the feature if it was implemented. Something needs to be done though, that’s for sure, maybe if they did do that they could penalize people who claim a scoot then donnt grab it, something like 1st time warning, 2nd time your done for the night(can’t pick up any additional scooters to charge that night), then 3rd time they should be fired. Also because were kinda on the topic, suppeeerrr simple fix for hoarding CHARGE THEM WITH THEFT, cause that’s what it is plain and simple, the second the company raises the price because they are under the impression Chargers can’t find it, that charger deceived there employer and that’s now out and out theft of the added money. As soon as it hit the news that people were being arrested for it people would do it so much atleast. Also I’m under no impression they could catch everyone, or that it would be easy to prove but it could definitely be done. All I know is iv never found a scooter over 10 bucks, but when someone is consistently releasing high dollar scooters, then it’s not very hard to figure out what’s going on! To bad bird dosent answer anyone and seems to NOT GIVE A FUCK!!!


Someone did that to me too first day I was charging! I pulled off, parked in a legitimate spot, only to see dude behind me slam on the brakes in the middle of the road, no hazards or nothing and just gets out leaving his car there to grab the bird of whom his friend was holding captive, he got it from him and they shook hands and chit chatted while his car was still in the middle of the road. Like dude you in the way, literally. Lol


We all need to get along and help each other out, There is plenty of scooters in our areas for us not to be selfish…starting to come across alot of shady people in Los Angeles and long Beach. Good luck… Let me know how it goes out there…:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


It happens a lot here in Toledo, these guys with flat bed trucks just filling there trucks, the guy told me I needed to hustle harder.:face_with_monocle:


Sounds like a good idea. But then people will just claim all of them. Maybe they should put a limit of how many you can claim? Also then all the higher priced ones will always get claimed.


Yea u can only claim one at a time. If theres a bunch around that will eliminate the hoarding problem cause u have to claim it with ur identification…so u can’t claim another one until u either claim the bird or run out of time which will be a set time like say 30 mins…so u can’t just start claiming all of them until u either claim the scooter or ur time runs out,30 mins or whatever it be…I think it’s a good idea. I’m sure it can be modified and put into more organized then how I’m explained it…I ran it through a simulation on my computer and it looked good for the company and the charger…we all win…Well I don’t know if I explained it well enough, it all worked out in my head and on the simulation…:kick_scooter::kick_scooter::kick_scooter::kick_scooter::call_me_hand:t2:


Bird and Lime really needs to get rid of the hoarders. They need to get their employees to knock on the doors. The people who hoard should have their accounts terminated


Personally, I have more of an issue with two things I saw tonight… first, some other juicer running up on me in the dark, and screaming ‘fuck’ when he saw me scan it. In some places, something like that is a good way to get a gun pointed in your face. Second, two guys parking their truck in the road with the hazards on, about 15 feet from a stop light, for about five minutes while searching for one… not only illegal, but there was a parking lot about 25 feet away.

It’s all the same thing, really… some people are willing to lie, cheat, steal, or break the law for what most people consider to be pocket change.


First of all, up your game. If you are going after the high dollar ones well so is everyone else. Your better off hitting the easy ones in the middle of the day, charging, and then dropping them off at night.

If you think you can do this with a car or hatchback you are wrong. You cannot get enough scooters in your vehicle to make going out every night worth it. You literally have to collect 6 scooters a day to make it worth it. That means 2-3 in the morning/afternoon and four at night. If you hustle you can ask for more chargers. You need a truck, suv, or metro van.

Once you unlock a lime you can ride it. If you are in a dense area you could ride one and put another over a shoulder.

And were about to hit winter. Ain’t no one going to want to harvest scooters. And ain’t no one gonna ride the either. That means it will get easier for chargers. They will all be dropped in central location because no one will want to ride them for an hour.


I’m seeing the same thing as the OP mentioned, on $3 birds. One scooter and several chargers roll up on it to get it. Partly because my city just added these a few weeks ago and everybody and their uncle decided to become chargers, and partly because nobody has any way of knowing if someone else is trying to get to the exact same scooter at the same moment. Reserving it for 30 minutes – especially on cheap ones, would save everybody a lot of hassle.


I think thats a great idea. Even if it was small timeframe. Like 10 min. Maybe 5, just something would be handy


I suggested the same to bird but I said to be able to mark 1 at a time for 10 min because it would be to much for 30 and it would be almost the same thing what if u pull up and your time runs out and sone one is waiting
So 10 minutes is cool If your driving longer than 10 minutes to each bird your loosing money


10 mins is not enough time for a basic time to tag a scooter, 30 mins would be good. Cause when ur done u can move on to your next bird…it wouid stop the hoarding problem right there cause u wouldn’t be able to attain a scooter without marking with ur I’d number. And we wouldn’t be wasting so much gas by chasing scooters that someone just picked up just as u get there…once u tag ur scooter it’s your for that amount of time to tag it…once u tag it, u move on to the next one. So it doesn’t have to be thirty mins that is the max before it gets marked off ur account, then it’s free game or u can mark it again for another. 30 mins if u are there and no one bet u to it…so let’s say u mark one scooter u go it took u only 5 mins ok u mark it and ur done with that one then u go to the next scooter u want to tag it,then ur 30 mins starts again…I was just saying they should give u a max of 30 mins.


I think the basic idea of marking and reserving scooters is ok but I live in San Diego in Pacific Beach and there’s a lot of scooters here. There’s a lot of chargers too. it seems like that would create a lot of kaos and the best way around here to find scooters is to just forget trying to look at the app in the early part of the night, watch the streets and corners and spots you know they’ll be and not your phone. I found that getting out of my vehicle and getting on the ground was way more productive than driving around in my van, riding a scooter to find a scooter is much better than the above frustrating shit of finding a place to park and hop out and walk just to see its not there then thinking maybe I’ll walk down to that point and now your leaving your car unattended and illegally parked so you walk back and hop in and drive some more and do that again and after a while you don’t even want to get out and look around. Get out of your car and on the ground your seeing everything as you cruise making turns to get a better look here and there, your missing nothing and sweeping up everything, never backtracking to your car, never wasting the time to park and get out. And wasting so much gas! F that! Get the fuck out of your car if you want to compete. And reserving a scooter thru the app would make it so that cruising to actually see and find scooters would be pointless because the car riders would all have their 30 minute reservations on everything and they’d all be guaranteed to get their 5 or 6 birds a night even tho the don’t hustle and drive around going from one reserved to another. We’d all be getting 5 charges a night and no more, nobody could better than anybody else and we’d all make shit. That’s exactly how communism works. Hustling and locating birds wouldn’t help you at all because some slow-ass vehicle driving 4-bird catching lagger has dropped a fuckin 30 minute ancor on it. Jesus! That would suck if we all have sloww down to the slowest common denominator. So that everybody can get a fair number. AHH how sweet!


I like the idea but not for 30 minutes and did u compare charging scooters to communism? Really dude? And I will drive to my fist spot and ride the bird to find more but there isnt really alot of damaged birds I’m a mechanic so I drive longer to get to the next one.


Need tot say something here , went out tonight and I keep showing up just a little to late , and wasted a lot of time and gas doing that. Different areas like Santa Monica , I would diffently get out of ur vehicle and walk around adding a scooters to ur scooter transformer as u keep stacking them on top of each other like a dinotron , and actually able to be mobile with it too. But different areas there is no way I can do that, cause they are spread out everywhere in variousl places, cause I tried that tactic else where and it’s was a no go. So getting back to marking scooters , once u mark a scooter for 30 mins and u go to it and u Find ur bird, once u captured it , that 30 mins was just a max timer limit , if u tag it say in like 5 mins only it took u , so once u tag it. U start over with ur timer . So it’s not making u lag at all , u just move on and u tag that one and ur timer starts over again and so on , That seems like it wouldn’t slow me down at all . Something needs to change cause that problem was to many tonight , it’s shouldn’t be happening so many times . What’s ur guys opinion on this lovely topic cause it’s very frustrating.


Hi guys, so with the whole timing thing and being able to hold a scooter. How about not a set time but whatever your GPS says. 10 15 20. So then if you don’t get it right away it’s fair game. People that are 5 min away can’t hold it for 30 and go get pizza before picking it up. Just a right