Lime vs Bird (Terminated from Bird)


I used to work for bird and would come across birds with no ID. When I emailed the company they told me I could bring the scooter back to my house with me while I wait for them to email me the identification well I feel like this got me fired because after three scooters sat at my house for 3 weeks while waiting for Bird to reply to me over Christmas they became $20 scooters I had them at my house I think people might have flagged them but I wasn’t hoarding them I was simply waiting for the company to email me back. What are you supposed to do when you have a scooter at your house with no identification number you email them to get the identification number but they send you a message back stating that it’s the holidays and they’re sorry but somebody will get back to me after the holidays. You know their automated emails that they send you. Anyways I finally got the IDS and released the three scooters and that’s when I was let go. Basically don’t bring scooters home with no identification even if they say it’s okay because it’s not. So I signed up for Lime and things are going okay but there’s definitely way more Birds in Pacific Beach than there are Limes. The drop off points with Lime are ALL at the beach, whereas with bird they’re all over the city. It sucks having to drive to the beach every morning with the limes because I live by the 5. At least when I drove for the bird company I could pick-up and drop-off lots of scooters closer to where I live but now that bird has cut me off there’s really no way for me to get in touch with them I’ve been emailing them every day for over a month and they never reply once you lose your job that’s it there’s no explanation or empathy from them. Its really unfair how i was let go and noone will help me understand why it happened. Has this happened to anyone else. Im so upset now i have ran out of ideas to get me my job at bird back. I think I want to drive all the way to Santa Monica to talk to somebody but I was told that they won’t let me in the building I mean I’m kind of expecting that but if that’s the only way I can talk to somebody at bird then I guess I’ll sleep there until somebody gives me an answer good thing I live in my RV and I can drive it out to Santa Monica and sleep in front of their building until somebody talks to me I know I’m a stalker but I want my job back


Sorry to hear that this happened to you. Try making a new account. Good luck.


Has this happened to Anyone else? What about having the same social security number? Should I use mine to make a new account or make one up? I would hate to lie and have to worry about the taxes and how to pay them. I don’t want ANY problems with the IRS. I WANT TO PAY MY TAXES. I don’t want to use a fake social security number. Can I use my own and create a new account or will I be flagged? Maybe I can just switch 2 numbers… because I’m dyslexic it happens all the time anyways. Hmmmmmmm now I’m curious. What has anyone else tried to get a bird job back?
Has anyone been fired from Lime?


MetroPCS store told me a lot of chargers come in buying new phones. So I assume that making a new account is something people are doing. I don’t know about the Social Security numbers but maybe someone will comment here about it.


3 WEEKS !!! I would have emailed them back every 12 hours until I got a response. no way I’m letting a bird sit in my posession that shows on the map.


As independent workers we have our social security and we can get our EIN number I believe it’s called. You can open another account using that number.


Chargers need to realize that all scooters are “hot” and need to treat them as such. I would have definitely found another way around this particular situation. I am not sure what but I would have found a way to dump it in someone else’s hands rather than hang onto it for more than another 24hrs.

Bird wanted me to haul a scooter to a storage facility. Nobody was there. Started a help ticket No response. It was a Friday and the weekend was arriving.

I took screenshots and pictures of everything and I ended up manually releasing into a nest just to get the thing gone and task list cleared. Btw anything you have needs to be in your task list. I suspect that bird wants chargers to be somewhat proactive in these areas.


Did you get an actual e-mail saying you were termed? Or did you just get your phone burned by their über-flash?


Whats uber flash lol


I was terminated by lime with no explanation. Actually 5 juicers that I know got the same email that I got. We are informing you that we have noticed suspicious activity on your juicer account, BUT don’t worry you can continue juicing…
Yeah whatever. Next thing we know we got terminated. F**"** Lime. As independent contractors we have the right to know if we have done anything wrong. What if you aren’t doing anything wrong but you got reported by others, or thanks to so many app errors we get penalized. We were never given the opportunity to explain, or prove that they are wrong. I asked what suspicious activity? They sent me two pictures of lime scooters that were served at proper hub but parked wrong. This is stupid. Even more stupid that the pictures they sent me were not even mines to begin with. Idiots. They are getting rid of a lot of juicers. Don’t know why but at least 18 juicers and myself are getting together with our attorneys and will do something about this, and all money owed to all of us for time spent on looking for scooters that app said they were at location when it wasn’t, etc. Time, fuel, cell phone, labor, other expenses are not free to juicers. Company has to pay. Trust me.


Apply for EIN number. Open a lime account as a business. This is even better for when you do taxes. Remember you are an independent contractor. Your business, expenses, etc, etc. Don’t use your social.


I was let go by bird for being nice and picking up fallen birds and placing them nicely on the sidewalk to be rented out! I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong, but after I relocated the birthem because the charger map said there were a couple birds there to be picked up and charged. But instead, I was locked out of charging temporarily then they permanently locked me out of both charging and riding stating that my violation was so heinous that I not only lost the privilege to charge them but I didn’t deserve to ride either and so locked me out of the rider account as well. I’ve also emailed them for a month or so asking, begging, pleading them to tell me what part of the aggreement was it that I violated but they never replied