Lime scooters reserved


I have been a juicer for 2 weeks. Everything is good. Love picking up scooters, harvest, charge them and serve them. I like how we can reserve the hub for thirty minutes. I strongly believe that we should be able to reserve scooters that show on app also. Two days ago I drove to 6 different locations to pick up scooter that app said were ready to harvest. Once at location it disappears. Either someone picked it up within seconds of me getting there or huge glitch on app. We should be able to reserve them. It’s time consuming, we use our vehicle, fuel and to get there and it’s gone. Sucks.


I totally agree with you on that I just time consuming and where I live there are so many people doing that juicing job I think it should be just like the reserved you have not even 30 minutes to go pick it up maybe preserve its 10:15 minutes you know what I mean or something


marked as yours is a discussion on the birds area , if care to read similar ideas . Just letting u know


I like the reserve idea but if you reserve a scooter to harvest you should only have 5 minutes to scan it after you hit reserve and if you do not make it in time you should be capture blocked for 1 hour and only be able to reserve 1 at a time. This would deter people from reserving scoots just to screw with people.


When i started i would be able to get more than ten scooters near my house. Now if im lucky i get 2. I really hope that Lime is able to add this to juicers. It is not just the fuel used but the time invested in looking for scooters. Not to even think on the stress and anger it gives me to see people not doing their job properly


Why would someone mark a scooter to mess with someone, them he couldn’t capture anymore scooters…personally I think that percentage thing is pretty neat and bird and lime shoukd get that or get rid of the tags that are not really there cauase alot of the scooters on the map aren’t really there…need to weeed it out a bit…so say u mark a scooter u see on the map and it’s a scooter that most likely will be there. U mark as yours but u cant mark anymore until u take care of that scooter that u marked…I’m sure they can have some trial and error and get all the kinks out!!! But it was just a idea…just know I’m still havihg problems with showing up late to a scooter that somebody just picked up …good luck out there…


This past week it was really bad. I followed 2 people on trucks that scan all scooters once they get home. Here I was looking for scooters then they disappear. Little did I know I was following a truck with scooters that are popping up on the app. I actually confronted another one at his house. Oh I told him so much sh…t. I’m tired of people really not giving a F… About following rules and instructions. I’m glad here we can chat about ideas, issues with app, issues with scooters, etc.