Lime Scooter Amts


So over the past two weeks, I have captured 3 scooters which originally had a higher dollar value but when I approached the scooter, the value dropped. sometimes by several dollars. Has anyone else seen this?

It is almost like they see that I am tracking down the scooter and change the price so they don’t have to pay out.


Yes yes yes…its better known as the old bait & switch…


You are not halucinating… I noticed this a bit further back than that.
.and when i tell fellow chargers. They would laugh and when i explained that the app would lead me to high capacity nest & as I arrived it would shor gun the nest out in 4 mile radius in singles…
BIRD has more games than Coliko and they get the app to do their dirty bird work…its borderline Theft & the amount of time and waves of information they require for you to get 3 or 4 bucks is a joke…they will eventually have to answer to a wage and hour inquirey…


Thank you both for confirming what I was noticing. Pisses me off especially when I drive out of my way to get that one high priced scooter and then the price drops as I arrive.


I take pictures of everything. Everything. Sooner or later these companies will have to pay us for everything.