Lime out-of-bounds test


Today I decided to do an out-of-bounds test with a Lime scooter, similar to what I did with Birds some months ago when Bird’s business area used to be all of Vienna (but in fact wasn’t).

You see, on Scootermap I saw a Lime scooter marked for drop-off with the battery still at about 50%, but it was just outside the service area (only about two blocks away from it), and thus while it appeared on the juicer map for drop-off, it didn’t appear on the rider map. Now I had this before with Birds that were moved out-of-bounds, that is, still in Vienna, but out of a certain area, and thus disappeared from Bird’s rider map and instead immediately appeared on the charger map. But if a rider scanned them, they were still rideable.

Now I went to this Lime scooter outside the service area and tried to unlock it for a ride. It didn’t work… it said it was “in service”. Now I don’t know if there was a different reason for it, but I suppose that’s what happens to Lime scooters which are being put outside of their service area by a rider. Now the drop-off bounty for juicers still is a meager € 3 (as it is for scooters inside the service area), but Lime claims that the rider who put it there has to pay a fee of up to € 20 for bringing it back into the service area.

Now I’m aware that it probably seldom happens that a scooter is being taken out of the service area, but I did see one today and another yesterday, so it does seem to happen sometimes. In that event, I think Lime should appreciate it if somebody brings their scooter back into the service area (which I would have done), and I think people would do this rather than dropping it off outside the service area again because the “tag” is always on the last rider who then has to pay the fee for bringing back the scooter unless he drops it off inside of the service area himself. But that’s the way it works right now.

And yes, I know I’m not even supposed to do this, but I like to try things which are possible but which you’re normally not supposed to do. :wink: