Lets make Lime time any time


I was wondering if we are able to start collecting limes before 9pm


YES, you can start collecting Limes before 9PM. I just collected 6 in San Diego in one hour (11:30-12:30). During the week it is easier after 9PM…more available to collect.


In principle, there are chances Lime scooters may appear on the collecting map at any time, however, usually it’s only those Limes which drop below 20% battery capacity. At a set time in the evening, this threshold gets lifted so many more scooters enter the map. Originally, it used to be 9 p.m. and 85% or less, however there seem to be variations to both the time and the percentage… here in Vienna, today as early as 6:40 p.m. a bunch of scooters have been put on the map which seem to be 65% or below. Maybe they will be followed by another wave with a higher percentage later, but on the other hand, maybe not. You actually can’t be sure what happens next… I guess Lime is still experimenting what makes the most business sense for them… and it probably also depends on the time of year, because it’s Winter here with the sun setting at 4 p.m. already, which probably impacts ridership from then on.

Also you have to be careful because Lime scooters above 20% actually appear on the rider map as well, so they may be snatched away by a rider at any time.


Yes you can. However only the ones that are in harvest mode. There’s been cases. Alot. Where juicers take low battery ones and hoard them at their house till it available to harvest. NOT COOL. I consider this cheating and robbing from other employees.


Last night I drove for 2 hours spent $18 in gas. 12 places were I went to was where a juicer lives and holds scooters. Not cool at all. The company should really do something about this. It’s a waste of time, money and stressful


So Marvin you own car sales business? I need a truck lol.


Lol. I’m a certified tech. Been doing this 24 years. I buy and sell cars. What type of truck are you looking for?


One that’ll hold 100 scooters lol. Low gas mileage. 2 seater. Like really nothing fancy. And cheap. Real cheap lol.