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Hi everyone I’m Janice and I’m new, I haven’t started just yet still waiting on my chargers, however reading different comments of FB, I’m really starting to wonder if this is going to be a good idea for me, it almost sounds kinda dangerous, it sound like some people can be a aggresive when picking up the scooters at night


I guess it depends a lot where you are and the type of people around you. There will always be people that are too competitive and borderline aggressive as well as some trying to find ways to cheat the system.

My personal experience hasn’t been like that at all, to my surprise to be honest. In fact I actually met a neighbor around this parts and we’ve been discussing the do’s and dont’s from our experience.

I hope all works out for you. :slight_smile: Good luck!


Hi I’m Jeffrey. I just signed up to become a charger/juicer in the Detroit area. I live in Michigan and love the idea of electric transportation for our cities here. It’s a great alternative for those who can’t afford reliable transportation and there are movements to have more scooters deployed in inner city areas that need short transportation the most. It will be interssting to see when the snow hits in a week of so. I’m excited to get my equipment and start making money!


Dstritz here from Detroit. Oops I’m sorry I thought this was the Hoarders Forum? Just kidding. Every charger I meet is the 1st in the city, and has a secret direct # to corporate? How can that be when I was the 1st and I have the secret #? My motto is do it legit or bow out!


Secret number to corporate? To Lime or Bird? If it’s Bird could you kindly call and ask someone to please activate my account…please…:joy:


I’m Sean from Boise. We just launched Bird and Lime here a few weeks ago. I’m excited about the potential, but it’s going to take more than a handful of green-dotted birds to make this gig pay here. They seem to have signed up everyone and their uncle to be chargers – some nights, we are lucky to get a single unit before three others jump on it. (And Lime left me in a holding pattern “waiting for chargers”, so no money there yet.)


I’m Zana a charger in the Memphis area. Unfortunately my area is a high abuse area for chargers. I am looking to innovate and make it way better for riders first and especially chargers!


Hello my name is Chris I am in the Lansing Michigan area although I do charge in different cities I do charge for bird and lime but I pretty much have had it with lime it seems as if their hourly workers seem to get first pickings. I am planning a trip to San Diego any suggestions of good spots to start at?


Hi I’m Mike from Phoenix Az. I just got on with lime and its fun, frustrating and a vicious battle for limes lol. But that’s why i love it. I’m glad there’s peeps on here to communicate with. Hopefully we come to have fun and makes lots of money.


Karin, from Gilbert, AZ. I lime in Mesa but struggled to do it right. Hoarders suck. I have seen then locked and lined up in front of houses (showing harvestable on map), I have run into people who track all scooter numbers and charge status (twice)(???) .
I am still having fun, making a little pocket change, and waiting on Bird.


Report the hoarders. Fuck that. They do suck. Can’t make money the right way. Cheaters.


Hey how’s it going chargers, so I’m a charger for both lime and bird here in the SF Bay Area. I’ve actually been doing this since August, so I’m pretty comfortable and I’ve come to find out the closer I can stick to a routine of some kind makes it best to meet my 60$ a day goal I give myself


How do i find austin Chargers


I’m Scott. I charge for both Lime and Bird but got approved for Lime faster. In Salt Lake City, Utah there are 300+ people charging for Lime! We know that because a new regional manager accidentally CC’d instead of BCC’d all the Lime chargers in an email when he first took over. That’s one person per scooter so the competition can often be so intense that there are some days when it’s nearly impossible to get any scooters for Lime. Bird appears to be more exclusive but punitive & restrictive (banned easily, few early or late nests, no release before 4am, higher fault rates requiring extra time and effort to get paid what you are owed, lower base pay $3). But if you work 25 days a month you can make a thousand dollars in good weather. Limes are hella heavy, take longer than average bird to charge and have low dynamic payout cap (under $5 here). You will have to pay more for Lime power supplies but get 4 instead of 3 (bird). Price for Lime power supplies range from $8 to $80 (for 4) and the shipping is UPS Ground (slow). Bird has always sent to me for free and with fast shipping. The upside is they will charge both Lime and Bird scooters (with some slight variance in output amps). If you are in a cold climate then don’t expect to make much money until it warms up - there is low ridership. And be aware of the restrictions and hazards of charging in freezing temperatures. When it snows or there is ice it’s nearly impossible to ride, move, or transport scooters here is a video of me deploying scooters in the snow:


Hi everyone, my name is Tanya and i lived in Atlanta, GA. I am a newbie bird and lime, my chargers came and i went out looking for birds yesterday. The map stated bird indicator in area but when i went there No birds.


Hi Im Mikie in San Antonio. Havent rec any chargers so I havent started, but thinking about it. Since there are white hat sites, im sure there are black sites for cheats. Some minds just work thay way…


I’m trying to harvest lime scooters thru scootermap. When I’m scanning scooter it will try to scan but just says to try again. Am I doing something wrong?


Hallo Kurt,

ich bin aktiver charger in Wien, Bereich VIC/Kaisermühlen/Reichsbrücke. Schön dich hier kennenlernen zu dürfen :slight_smile: LG Theo


Theo here in Vienna. I just do the juicing job if I am in town, because I travel alot. Well, now after charging about 300 scooters I am loosing interest in this gig job more and more, since Lime descrease the payout radically in the last months. I just juice for lime as bird is not available in my district.