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Hi y’all, I’m Victor, one of the founders of!

I think that the scooter movement has the potential to change the way we get around cities. It will make our cities more walkable and fun while not polluting the planet.

The scooter companies are doing a great job of serving riders and governments. Those are their two most important customers.

But that leaves our community, the charging community. My goal is to build products that help chargers make more money and have fun while charging.

I live in San Francisco but now I’m back and forth between SF and Santa Monica because that’s the epicenter of the scooter craze!



I guess I’ll be the first reply then.

I’m Vicky, located in the Los Angeles area. Charging is a fun little side gig for me and I’m curious to see where it goes. I know for some people this is very serious and for others it’s more fun. For myself, I enjoy the flexibility of it, being able to grab scooters here and there at any time of day for a little extra cash. It’s also nice to explore the city, I’ve seen parts of town I never knew existed before, and just relax in solitude riding around on a scooter.

Dockless electric vehicles, be they bikes or scooters have a lot of potential to change how we get about in our cities, especially as traffic and parking gets harder. I expect they’ll only get used more as people slowly give them a try, while there’s still backlash because it’s new that will pass in time.


Hello everyone, I’m Kevin from Saint Louis, MO. I’ve been a charger from day one here in STL and it didn’t take long to really see this as a major opportunity. I bought a cargo van early on to increase my capacity (it only took me 5 weeks to pay it off).

I really appreciate the work being done here at and look forward to bing a part of the charger community!


Tara! RVA’s original charger, or plankowner so to speak! I signed up having never even heard about Bird and got a phone call 2 hours later to come pick up some scooters for the initial launch in Richmond! Since then, I’ve learned that I’m 1 of only seemingly 2 chargers who owns a pickup truck! My odd luck provided me the fortunate opportunity to ‘lock and load’ 100+ birds every few weeks into the city (only to be taken hostage days later by the tow truck company)!

I love Bird, and even more so, coming up with crafty ways of explaining what Bird is, and how it’s really not banned in my city! Grrr…the tow truck drivers and I will go head to head sooner or later. They’re taking away my bread and butter!

I’m the midnight to 0400 charger, creeping around in the dark finding those hidden $20 birds in your weeds! Haha love it, too fun. Bird is the word.


Hi guys I’m Max! I’m one of the admins of

I live in LA and I’m super excited about electric scooters and the potential they have to change the way we live.

I’ve been charging for Bird and Lime for a couple months and started using so I could see Birds and Limes at the same time. I’m a big fan of the filters too!

I recently met Victor (the ScooterMap founder) and loved what he was doing to help the charger community. I asked how I could help and that’s how I wound up here :slight_smile:

I’ll be posting articles from time to time about how to get the most out of ScooterMap and what new features are on the horizon. If you ever need help with anything give me a holler!


Hello everyone, Derrick from Atlanta. I’m a new bird mechanic and a new lime charger… I’m excited and looking forward to the huge potential this gig space provides… I just found out about this awesome tracking tool yesterday.


Hello! I am a new charger and I will be working in the Harrisonburg, Va area. We just got the new service last week, I am still awaiting my chargers so I can get started. I am excited about this opportunity.


Thanks for the app! Why do I need 20 characters… lol


From StL also… I just joined to potentially make some cash… trying to find ways to do so considering I’m in west county where there isn’t many around


hi! just started with juicing in Atlanta. Looking to do more of it, get better at it and also do the Bird charging - they havent gotten back to me yet, but looking forward to getting the utility out of this awesome tool!


Let me know if they all get impounded by Day 2 or 3 as they have been here in Richmond, roughly 500 have been impounded :tired_face:


Hello, I’m Alec from San Diego. I applied to Lime, Bird, and Razor. Lime got back to me within a few hours but Bird still has not gotten back to me and its been a few days (does anyone know how long they take to get to your application?). Razor, I had to personally email to apply and I did that yesterday but I cannot find any stories of people who have worked with Razor. I am excited to get into the community and I have learned a lot from reading and watching other peoples stories, hopefully this goes well.


Hi, I’m Kenny in Phoenix, charging for a couple weeks. Keeps me busy and out of trouble :slight_smile:


Hello my name is Ty, me and my girlfriend do both bird and lime in the Kansas City market. This is a fantastic idea and I love the app! Also @victor I have a couple really good ideas as far as things to make charging easier I tried to find a way to message you directly but couldn’t find one, maybe you could shoot me an email.


Wat up everyone my name is Danny im in San Diego ive been out here charging for like 6 months and boy let me tell u the bs that goes with capturing these birds is crazy just got my wife birding with me to and we head out every night bout midnight but
they just lowered the dam bounty out to 3 dollars and its like dam it’s ridiculous bit hey it is wat it is and that lil side money comes in handy


Hey Emo here in Baltimore. Both Bird and Lime here. Here in Baltimore Bird is a joke. All the Birds were taken from downtown and ridden pretty far away. Every time I try and grab them they are in the sketchy part of town in someone’s apartment or townhouse. Their business model is broken. Lime I have had good luck with so far but they pay less.

Can we have a Lime category added please?


I’m Dylan - H! From down under in New Zealand. Can’t wait to get my charges. I hope the trial goes well in Auckland:grinning:

Live to ride…


Hi everyone! I’m Kurt Woloch from Vienna, Austria. I have to admit that I’m actually not a charger (nor a juicer), out of time and space restrictions… I do have a main job, my home is about 0.3 miles away from Lime’s business area and 1.5 miles from the next LimeHub (unless there’s another, nearer hub which never gets served). Also I have no car and no driving license, and my flat is on the 7th floor with the elevator only going up to the 6th! This makes charging very impractical for me. Still I have a lot of ideas how to improve things, and I didn’t find any other discussion forum for shared scooters. I do believe in more communications across the different groups involved (chargers, riders, non-riders, municipalities and scooter companies) so that their interests can be somewhat aligned. If you feel I don’t belong here, please say so and I’ll leave it at that, otherwise I would like to take part in some of the threads that are not so charger-specific.

I also have some technical expertise with electronics, and I’m generally a fan of small vehicles like scooters and electric vehicles in general (as you probably will find if you google up my name), and I like to test scooters to their limits (hopefully in a way that doesn’t break them) and also take them on long trips (just did a 10-mile trip yesterday on a Lime). I already had an e-bike back in 1991 when they still had NiCd or lead-acid batteries, and I had a lead-acid powered e-scooter back in 2002 when the first wave of cheap Chinese scooters hit us. As a profession, I’m a system engineer for Austria’s government, and my heart lies in programming computers.


Hi! I’m Vlad and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal. Lime started 4th of October 2018 here and Started as a Juicer later in that month. I’m still getting around and learning the quirks of it all but I’m very much interested in contributing for this app not only as a Super Charger but as an active member as well. :slight_smile: Cheers!