I have a problem with BIRD not contacting me back


I have applied to be a bird charger about three weeks ago. But I haven’t received any emails confirming or denying my acceptance. How can I get a hold of someone to helping me fix this problem? Because I want to work for bird but I have received nothing from them and I’m really confused on how this app works if no body messages you back?


Well I contacted them through help on the rider side. Gloria said I was all approved and go ahead and start. When I stated my account did not have a charger button, she ask for my email. I responded with my email, she said oh, that’s a rider account. When I asked how to get a charger account. Communication died.
A week or two later, contacted them again. This time I got George. He said same thing. So I 1. Deleted the app, thinking that might help. The only thing that did was make me lose the conversations with Gloria and George. I have sent a few new messages, but no response yet. The last one was, “Hello, anybody there”.


Just for the record, I contacted them at their “hello” address because I found a scooter that wasn’t on the map and couldn’t be unlocked at a rider. That was on December 25th (actually, on that day, all of their scooters were deactivated for riding here in Vienna, but this scooter, in addition to that, was far out of the normal area where you could find their scooters). Well, the scooter was gone the next day, and on December 27th it appeared on the charger map with the coordinates I had given them. Finally, on January 2nd (8 days later) they replied, thanking me for writing in and apologizing for me not having been able to unlock the scooter. That’s how long it took them for a reply (8 days), but this may have been an exception due to the holidays.


I also have trouble with her contacting me back especially when it comes to bogus payouts where they don’t pay me for Scooters that I fully charged and deployed because for some reason they show up it’s not fully charged pain in the ass sometimes not worth it for the three or four dollars you get


Haha. If this bothers you, you have a LONG road ahead of you. I would seriously, consider another source of income, hobby or activity (whatever your reason for wanting it so bad). This is par for the course and the more you stomp your foot, the more they will ignore you. Hopefully, they ignore you. The other option is they make your life more difficult and take advantage of the power they have over you… Which at this point, is nothing, right? You haven’t been contracted for whatever reason. They don’t owe you anything and if you’re already trying to run sh*t you’re probably going to be waiting on that response for quite a while longer.(pssst it’ll never come. They don’t want you. There are plenty of good boys/girls who will quietly go do their job without causing them headache or tying up resources meant for riders(customers). They ARE always overwhelmed.