I finally got my chargers


I finally got my chargers. I was so excited started to drive around town and sadly no scooters were available to charge. Any advice on time frames, etc.


Hi I’m new to group as well .I just received my email as well. For activation but no scooters are showing up for me to harvest only pink dots not sure what that means?


Did you turn on charger mode?


During the day it is tough, not many pop up. The ones that do show up on the map are below 20% battery. For Lime, the time to go out is at 9pm. Lime makes scooters available which need charging at this time. I think it is any scooter that is below 50%.


Last night or was my first. A very well learning experience. I went down a street that had ALOT of Limes and they were all reserved.


Congratulations on getting your chargers. I check on the app all day. Scootermap notifies me of any scooters near me all the time. Its worth paying $5 i believe the charge is. Good luck. Be safe and have patience.