How Much Does Bird Pay Chargers?


Every electric scooter company has a program that allows everyday people to collect scooters at night, charge them at their homes, and return them to the street fully-charged in the morning. Companies pay these chargers a fee for each scooter they charge.

Each company has their own vernacular for their charging team. Bird has “Chargers,” while Lime has “Juicers” and Skip has “Rangers.”

While each company’s program is slightly different, chargers typically get paid $5 - $10 per scooter. The amount paid depends mainly on how low the battery is on the scooter when its picked up. The lower the charge, the more you get paid. So a scooter that has 80% battery life remaining might get you $5, while a scooter with 0% battery left might earn you $10.

Even higher prices are paid for scooters that appear to be lost or require maintenance. The rewards for charging these more precious scooters can be as high as $20, but they are often very difficult to locate — often hidden away inside parking garages or locked up in peoples’ homes and apartments.

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How to Become a Charger for Bird or Lime



That scheme doesn’t seem to be quite correct. At least here in Vienna, it rather seems to me like the moment a Bird scooter appears on the charger map, a timer starts to run, and the longer it stays there, the more precious it becomes. First it’s $5, then after an hour it becomes $6, then $7 and even more, until it finally reaches $20 after about a day of not being collected. This, however, is pretty much independent of the remaining battery charge.

And there seem to be three events that may trigger a Bird scooter appearing on the charger map:

  1. Low battery charge
  2. Out of bounds (there seems to be a “business area” of sorts, each scooter that leaves it appears on the charger map rather than on the rider map, although the riders are allowed to leave the scooter there without incurring any penalty)
  3. It’s time to collect all the scooters (typically at 9 p.m.).


When I was charging for bird in riverside it was exactly like it said earlier. But the pay is really low. First appearance on the map it starts at 3$ then after about an hour 4$ 2 hours later 6$ so on and so on. Till it hits 14$ then it will stay at that price for about a week then it pops up at 20$ which are only a myth cuz I’ve never found a 20$bird nor has anyone else I know. But they are every where on the map. I’m now a mechanic for bird I get the 15$ flat rate for a repair 5$ if I cant fix one and I transport it to the storage unit. And 10$if I transport one that bird Marks for transport. I also currently am a juicer for lime the start out at 6$ and up to 20$ they usually are always at 6$ cuz every one can find the limes better and the lime scooter batterys last FOREVER! I pulled one out of a rain storm at 100% it was flashing its lights and alarming and 3 days later it was only down to 95% so I think lime leaves them out over night