Feature request: Range / Battery percentages for Lime scooters on rider map


Right now, on the rider map, while Bird scooters give the battery percentage, Lime scooters only give “high”, “medium” or “low”. I’m aware that’s what the API delivers, but I think there’s another data point it delivers, which is the remaining range, which is a more exact representation of the battery condition than only one of three possible states. I even think it’s possible to calculate the battery percentage from the remaining range. This could be given as the percentage of the total range, or even as the percentage that will probably appear on the juicer map. I think the total range for Lime scooters is currently 23 miles, but 0 miles actually corresponds to a battery percentage of 15% on the juicer map, so the percentage formula would be (miles / 23 * 85) + 15. If a battery shows full or near full, this also could be an indication that this scooter was brought out freshly charged and not ridden yet while at the moment “high” could be anything from about 50% to 100%.


Interesting, thanks for this request Kurt!

This is a hard one since range will change w/ vehicle over time. But I’ll think about how to improve the battery / range filter :slight_smile:


I don’t quite understand you… what do you mean by “range will change with vehicle over time”? As far as I know, at least here in Vienna, all Lime-S scooters have a maximum range of 37 km which is pretty exactly 23 miles. And I didn’t think so much about a filter but rather about the possibility to see those values. Right now in order to see it, you have to open Lime’s own app and tap on every scooter there. If it’s easier for you, you could also give the raw range value instead of percentages, I just thought this would make it more comparable to Bird.


Sorry, I meant to say that different types of scooters will have different range values.

But these are great suggestions. Thanks Kurt.


There’s a battery_percent value (0 to 100) that is returned by the vehicles query, but it seems to be empty for lime. For those companies that provide it, it could be used to overlay the icon in pie-chart fashion: eg for lime, light green wedge for the remaining charge, dark green for the background.