Feature request: geo tags with comments / longer location history


geo-tagged comments / notifications

Have like a “Waze” style notification system with tags like “scooter farm” or “warnings” for bad areas or places not safe to enter (like a dc police on a Segway once said “if I would be you I would say fuck that scooter” true story).

Scooter farm being a nicer word for “horder” but especially for all the newbies good note to avoid embarrassment when you think you hit the jackpot but it was just another scooter farm.

Another example i once entered a area where the scooters where charged by a gang so they where nice in telling me to get lost but I could see that situation going south easy.

longer location history

Having more than the last I don’t know 500 way points on skip would be nice. Like a timeline even with activity going back 2 weeks would help determining what is going on with certain scooter conditions.


This is a great suggestion.

We have some ideas in the works…

What would be your number one priority? Hoarders vs dangerous areas vs location history?


I would do the geo tag’s first again like waze something you can quickly tap to get a few standard tags

scooter farm (known)

if the company would work with the charger and done w Mora


Let all not get shot on then job alright $10 scooter. Not worth the bullet in the burr.

notify contact with number 1-202-555-1212

To enter or get access to area where scooter is located,
for example Gallaudet university public safety gave me their number to announde when im looking for scooters at night

access denied / feds / militaryv

For this spots completely off limits and the “sir, fuck that scooter” places

police escort required with contact

For those police escort requires (like the days in on New York ave in NE… no fucks are given by their security turns out it’s now a homeless shelter so MPD 5D needs to escort onto the premises).


To me dangerous place would be my number 1 priority, then history, then hoarders.