Feature request - Altitude



First of all. I feel I should be down on one knee simply because the app is wicked!

Wish list that would make all lives a little easier. It may not be possible with what’s available via the api (if one even exists lol)

  • Altitude - How often (especially those in built up city areas) have you gone searching and eventually look up and see its right where you’re standing. But you know all too well it’s up on level 45 and don’t know bout others but Spider-Man isn’t in my contract lol

  • active harvesters - now I know this isn’t a metric that is openly available. However. From what I can see you known your maths and wouldn’t be overly hard to make something work here. Or I could Be wrong hahah. If I look and see 11ty billion people harvesting I’d give it a miss. If i could see its low, I’ll grab a mate and go for a run.

  • locking - this is a one to lime i think as I doubt control was available to the scooter directly. Reasons for it is simple. While we have these In our care we are Liable for them. At ~800 a bit some of us are easily taking 30-40 at a time. So giving us around 30,000 in scooters a night to gain 150 bucks creates an uneasy feeling. Putting the wheel lock on and the alarm would be a welcomed and valuable add on if you can pull it off I’d say.

Now if you can add some intelligence to lime support staff Something advanced compared to what’s currently there starting with say… Vb script lol

Keep up the great work!