Dropoff Lime at Lime Base


The Dropoff Lime option seems to be a wide thing, as soon as ti was implemented the amount of Limes that were picked up in the following 24 hours was incredible, but the Lime Base is really far away here and the launch timing was terrible for me personally so I wasn’t able to take part on this harvesting festival.
How did it go for you? :slight_smile:


Explain more about this drop-off and there being more limes to harvest…I’m in long Beach, Los Angeles…


When it happens in your area, you will hear about it… it changes the appearance of the app, and they text you about it. It’s when they want those specific scooters returned to their operations people, at a ‘LimeBase’. You just transport them to the specified location (the one here is a warehouse in a light industrial complex) and drop them off without charging.


I’m not (yet) charging Lime, but pretty sure this is related to the charging issues and fire/smoke issues they were having. Lime juicers have told me that the units that are of the model that had problems must be transported and not charged. Lime charges them in their base, with controlled ventilation, controlled correct chargers, nothing flammable nearby, and someone awake and on-duty who also happens to have an available fire extinguisher.


Hmmm… are these drop-offs also visible on Scootermaps and/or on the Scootermaps app, and are they marked as such? I’m curious because here in Vienna, for the last days there have been no Limes on the map to charge, no matter what time of day it is. They also have drastically reduced their fleet by removing their first model scooters, from close to 500 to about 200 at most. Today so far, they only bought out 82 for riding as it seems (or, rather, left them over from yesterday because they still had plenty of charge left) so I’m curious if there’s actually anything left to do for juicers here or if it’s now all being handled by Lime’s employees.


Late reply, but today I got an e-mail from scooter map that Limes scheduled for transport are now marked on scooter map. I’m still waiting for Lime to approve my application, but this will be helpful for scooter map users who use the app.