Do I have to o through bird to be a charger


I want to charge scooters but I’m not willing to give my SSN out to bird. So does that mean I can’t charge bird scooter or can I charge through the scooter map app and still get payed. Also how do you get payed to charge the scooters does it go to like PayPal ?


sorry, you are signing a contract, they need you SSN to legally pay you. They either make a credit payment to a debit card (like a retuned item transaction at a store) or ACH deposit directly to your bank account.


This isnt true because I do surveys and other stuff and all they need is a PayPal email


legally, they should be sending you a 1099 for your earnings. They are skirting IRS tax law. If you make $599 or less in a calander year, they are not required to report to the IRS (form 1099), this does not mean you dont have to pay taxes, it just becomes your responsibility to report correectly. You cant get out of paying taxes by having a bunch of small jobs that all pay less that $599/year