Disabling Bird GPS


I have recently figured out that the new birds with the white box on the front contain a black box sealed with a rubber gasket contain the GPS for the vehicle. Bird has made it so that birds moved from their original pickup location cannot be captured to prevent hoarding. Taking the scooter before it is ready to be charged and taking the Verizon sim card out of the GPS unit on the scooter will prevent it from tracked through GPS. I’m not sure that the newer models use bluetooth but if they do you wont want to let your phone pick up the scooter if you plan on hoarding.


What’s your point…is there even one…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There is a white gps box on the “Bird Zero” model.


Or how about you try not fucking hoarding and do it the right way. Novel idea, isn’t it. I’m tired of the hoarders making this ruining this for everybody else and I think it’s time for this charger to put my skills and experience to use to at least try and help Bird reduce or maybe even eliminate the hoarding problem, at least here in St. Louis. I have experience as a Repossession Agent and skip tracing. Considering the fact that it’s pretty damn easy to spot likely hoarding spots using the map, this should not be terribly difficult. I’m going to start locating, and confirming the locations of hoarders in the St. Louis area, and then forwarding the information to Bird as well as posting the info here and on other forums for chargers on Facebook etc. I’m not afraid to start knocking on doors and ringing doorbells at all hours of the day and night.


It’s funny that you get so asshurt. I don’t hoard them nor would hoarding give me any benefit as I am a mechanic, not a charger.


You don’t seem to understand the definition of ass hurt, because this has nothing to do with my widdle feewings. It’s about $$$. I can’t seem to figure out why you would give people a tip like that. Let them figure it out themselves. They’re already using unfair practices to screw everyone else over so they can get all the benefits with none of the work. I have a problem with anyone giving them advice on how to bypass any effort by Bird to get a handle on the situation.


Maybe you should get a real job instead of bitching about something that isnt gonna change if this is such a problem.


Right on! If the scooter apps would have a code written into the system to identify when uncaptired birds enter a building and have then, a RELENTLESS LOUD ALARM go off and lock the bird until returned outside or properly captured.


You guys out there that are hating on hoarders are so oblivious to this system that is gaming all of you.


So where exactly is this located? Is it in the white box?


Yes. The scooter with the black box need to have the label removed with heat, then unscrew the board and unplug the main cable aswell as the external battery


By anouncing that you are a mechanic and being all upset at the actions of hoarders your straight up confirming the facts for other hoarders that you want them not to have. Good thinkin Maxwell Smart


How do you feel now about Bird?


If he was working for me as a mechanic he would be fired immediately. I really don’t understand why he would even post this info. People there is a contract between the company and you.
. The independent contractor. The company will end up doing something about any losses they have. Now when I used to find people holding scooters at first it would get me mad. I spent time and fuel getting there. When idiots that can’t follow instructions f*** it up for the rest. I could’ve been home with my kids or picking up other scooters. Now it’s just plain sad. Specially when companies know who they are and don’t do shit about it. Until now. See , holding property that’s not yours is considered theft. Grand theft to be exact. I got two people arrested for holding scooters. Specially if I had reserved them.