Charging with an electric bicycle


I’ve been charging since August and have been using an electric bike. I can transport 5-6 scooters safely. I typically operate with a mile or so or on my way home from down town. I will do up to 15 scooters in a night the cost of electric power is about 6 cents for the bike. It costs me less than 59 cents to charge the scooters


That’s awesome! Where did you get the little trailer?


It’s the Wander Trailer, made by a company called “Aosom”, you can get this on Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten, and usually sells for $120. However I was patient and wait until a sale and got mine for $80. The product is decent but the support after the 30 warranty is awful. For instance they will not sell you any parts at all after 90 day “warranty”. So if you get this, check for proper assembly and make your claim ASAP. I also suggest getting slime 16" tubes and puncture barriers. I have found that flat bungee straps work best, they don’t shift like round bungees. Home Depot has a good price for assorted flat bungees.


your on the right track there Kris. I got one off Craigslist, they’re on there as cheap as $25 but will need some modifications to turn into a cargo type. I was mid way into making a different type of trailer that is lower and has 5 slots along it for placing the front wheels of scooters into and then just pulling them like a tow truck would. I had a accident and stopped charging and haven’t finished the trailer. That’s a nice bike, a frd of mine has one. My rig was going to be scooter pulled.


Great info, thank you!


That trailer looks very interesting. Here’s a link to the manufacturer: I don’t know why this link is coming up weird


Aosom is a highly integrated chinese manufacture with the worse customer service in the solar system. if you get the trailer, completely inspect it for ANY issue, because you have like 30 days to get it fixed before they cut you off, Yes,they cut you off. The trailer wheels are garden cart wheels and the bearings will fail quickly with frequent use. I replaced mine after 500 mile with gokart racing bearings I found on ebay. I also suggest having a spare wheel skewer because they have a way of working loose without you knowing it. the trailer tires wear out fast, so order a set ahead of time, they are standard. I also recommend using self-sealing tubes and puncture parriers.