Charging chords


How long does it take to initially get a charging chords in the mail.


I was told 3 to 5 business days, not including weekends. I am hoping to get mine this week.


It’s been a week since I ordered mine . Still patiently waiting…


Yeah I got the juicer ability but no chargers… they msged me like I was supposed to be able to do something… seems like the company is not prepared for the amount of background work they signed up for…


I would message them in the app and see what is going on. They may be backlogged.


K so I got mechanic approved for bird but also got my Lile chargers. However on the scooter map most scooters are showing up as bird…can I charge them and still get paid anyways?


Are you able to buy lime scooter chargers online?? I was excepted to be a charger but was told I had to wait for chargers to be available. I looked them up online but I’m not sure what ones to get. Any help would be much appreciated.


We sell charging cords here:


I contacted lime asking how long it will take for my chargers to arrive. This is what they told me.

Hi *****

Thank you for contacting Lime Juicer Experience Team!

We appreciate your follow up and your email. I’d be happy to answer your query! Once you have ordered your charger at please expect up to 7-10 business days to receive your chargers. We’ve been experiencing a very high demand of order so our shipping department is taking a bit longer.

If you have additional question, please don’t hesitate to reach us. Kind regards!


No. And if you move scoiters you haven’t unlocked they flash their light and make an alarm sound.


Dose anyone have a discount code for the Chargers for limes