Bird terminated me for following their own rules


So here is the story. I was out collecting damaged birds and some dude in a truck pulled up and jumps out grabbed 2 birds and throws them at me yelling and cursing at me saying something about him not wanting them on his property then takes off. Apparently he slashed all 4 tires and broke both of the 360 rings as well as slamming the handle bars over causing the break and throttle wires to be cut. I contacted support about this but since they close at 630 and birds come available after 9pm I took them home and made all the repairs. These birds were unrideable as well as unsafe to be left on the streets. First thing in the morning I was told to not take the birds and leave them on the street. So some one can pick them up and mark them damaged then I can go get them. I responded that I didnt feel comfortable leaving them out for some one to get hurt and why would they want to pay to have them charged marked damaged then placed out so I can get them and pay a second time for my repairs. I told them I had made the repairs already any way. Bird said I wouldn’t be paid for my services. Changing 4 tires and tubes replacing the cut wires and replacing 2 360 rings is quite alot of work. I told them that I’m dropping them off in a nest and I wanted to be paid if not I wish to be terminated I didn’t want to work for a company that had no regards for public safty I’ve asked for my job back but now they wont even respond to my tickets they just close them. Was I wrong to challange them or was I in the right I’m sure they will delete this post soon but dont be afraid to challange them if they dont follow there rule of putting peoples safty first.


That’s a bad situation. Did you take pictures of the broken scooters and after the fix?


Of course before and after I did every thing by the book. I didt feel comfortable leaving them out like that. I even told them that being a volunteer confined space rescue technician and volunteer fire fighter I cant knowingly put the public at risk of hurting them selfs or others. They gave me a smart ass remark and terminated me. Now If i nbn ask to be reinstated they dont even answer me they just close my ticket


What was the remark?


That I should stop arguing. Do my gig job and do as I was told.


I even have the message screen shot


Well I did bird deleted all of our conversations. Can u believe that


So this is happening everywhere they are using any excuse to fire mechs like you and me. I had to break the rules to keep my job since I depend on it entirely to survive. I got terminated for being extremely violent and aggressive both of which if you ask anyone who knows or who has met me they would say he swears like a sailor but wouldn’t hurt a fly well maybe a fly…
Anyways they made some cockamammie bullshit reason and of course they won’t respond once blocked out. So I created a new account and I got really close with the support people and now I know the lead Mech manager rather well and it behooves you to always cover your own ass first cuz they have over 2000 mechanics around the world and that number grows every day. They don’t have time to get to know people or to be friendly or even really read a damn thing you say except for a few keywords. I’ve been with bird for a long time now and I hate that I had to make a new account in a diff name but if bird only knew how much I had done for them and still do every day. I put between 15- 30 birds out every day finished repairs . I hunt all day repair all night and let exhaustion kick my ass up and down the street until I conk out and do it all again. The point i guess I’m getting at is if this job is important to you then you can easily just give them a fake name and fake email but you need to get a new physical phone with existing service or new your call. If you use your middle name and last name as your first and last then you can get away with it . But then again for shits and giggles I made a charger account about 3 months ago with the name Madonna Titzmagee as the name and they didn’t even notice. So if you want to keep doing the job go and do it the company doesn’t give be a fuck about the contractors that bust ass for them. Here’s the kicker… after you get terminated they ask you to take all the birds you have to storage but you won’t be getting paid for them ain’t that some shit. That’s why I find so many birds in piles in horrible planes. Or you can completely fuck bird over in your city and block off the Main Street with several rows of birds with no brains which should sure get em 86d from that city. Cuz bird would have them marked ready and wouldn’t send anyone to move em so they would get impounded then sold at auction… u get the picture I’m sure. It really only takes one smart crafty person with a set of balls on them to change the way shit goes for a company like bird in an area


No I would not want to work for a company that doesn’t care about people safety and throws people around that work for them like dogshit I also work for lime I did both of these jobs for a hobby I have a full-time job that’s 80 or more hours a week I just wanted to ride the scooters for free