Bird Starting Delivery for Day Rentals


Bird is (thinking of) starting a delivery program where you can pay to get a scooter for a day. They are definitely going to be using chargers to pick up / drop off scooters.

What do you think of this?

Would you expect to be paid more/less to pick up/drop off a scooter at someone’s house?


I don’t see what the incentive would be for chargers if it’s the same rate for just 1 scooter. I know Bird has lowered the base pay to $3 in most markets outside LA, maybe they’ll pay $5 if dropped off at these locations.

But they’ll have to do something, if people are paying a subscription or whatever for a Bird to be there every morning for work. It’s going to need to be there and be in good condition. So no dropping off broken or damaged birds to be picked up by a mechanic.

I could see Bird creating a tiered system with their chargers. Where the ones that are more consistent and/or drop off more birds each morning are the ones they ask to do this service…


That would be a bummer for me. I kinda hope not.


I can see Uber and their jump scooters winning this war. They can take the analytics from their drivers and reward drivers that are most active with a scooter to keep in their trunk. They can have the drivers encouraged users to use the scooter and have the drivers just pick up another one down the road somewhere. I don’t see how Bird can compete with this.


I think they are already testing this by using the rolling nests algorithm and creating nests that only have spots for one scooter.


I would do fine with this provided I can work in lots of 5, because that is what I can haul with my eBike and trailer. My operational costs are less than the cheapest up of coffee you can buy. I would not mind fetching damaged birds on the return trip either.


What trailer do you use?


I use an Aosom wanderer. I’ve made posts to this group about using an eBike to serve scooters.


Ah, same as I have. How do you lay out the scooters on it? Do you have the walls up or down?


I alternate front to back, because the handle bars interfere and then I stack another row perpendicular on the side rails. I leave the sides up and use a lot of flat bungee cords.