Bird or Lime? Who has better customer service?


When it comes down to customer service towards juicers or chargers I used to think that Lime had our back. I was so wrong. So far Bird has been way better than Lime. I used to be proud to be a juicer. The company Lime has let me down big time. As a fellow juicer and rider I would take my time and pick up all limes that I would see in the middle of the street and/or on the floor. I cared and respected the company. Today in downtown Los Angeles I see about 75% of limes on the floor. I pick up none. I ride bird scooters now. I’m upset, I’m pissed the f*""" …
BIRD… Customer service towards chargers I want to thank you for your help and support. I give you props. I have only one thing to say bad about bird… It took almost one year to get hired by bird. Thanks to a friend of mine that told me to reapply using a different email and cell number that I got hired within 2 days. But all of this is my opinion about both companies. Curious to see if anyone else has same thoughts on the subject or different.


So what did they (Lime) do?


They sent random emails to a lot of juicers stating the same thing.( We have noticed suspicious activity on your juicer account BUT don’t worry you can continue juicing.) A week later they closed juicer accounts with no explanation. They won’t tell you what suspicious activity. How can you get fired without proof. Plus the picture they sent me was not even mine. They sent me a picture of a lime scooter that was served wrong due to the handle bar turning right, not left how they want it. The picture was taken using an iPhone. I have Android. Stupid. I can’t stand this company.


For me, both companies have shitty customer service. Bird flagged my account for fraudulent activity on my 3rd of 5 days in the hospital then terminated me a week later without any explanation of why, in violation of their own contract. Lime lowered my cap for too many cancelled scooters, but I have emails from them saying to stop juicing all the scooters I cancelled due to problems with drop offs at their lime base.