Bird mechanics money


How much do mechanics make? I recently got approved to be a mechanic but I’ve been charging for a few weeks. I’m waiting for the mechanic part of the app to become available. How long did that take for any of you?


once i received a confirmation text from bird they had me fire up the app and it was instataneous


Where I live, you cannot do both…in fact, I think thats a company-wide policy. You cannot both charge and fix. I started as a mechanic and switched to charger after a few months. The drop off hub was too far, and since 90% of scooters are L3s, all you can do is transport for $5 a pop. Not worth it.

Also, if you start as a charger and switch to mechanic, they will not let you ever switch back. so, make up your mind what you want to do.


Mechanics get 15 bucks for any repairs made
5 bucks to take all the unrepairable to storage and 10 to transport marked birds to storage]9


You can only be one or the other…you have to surrender charge account


Also I don’t see where the question comes into play… either you’re a mechanic or you’re not. It is just that, the skilled trade that has been around since all things mechanical. If you’ve never been a professional mechanic and what’s wrong Lee urge anyone who has never been a self-employed professional mechanic to not start with bird. Anybody can plug a charger in, being said there are definitely tricks that can help you to be successful with that and not everyone is cut out to be a charger. Same goes for mechanics as far as capturing tricks and optimal times to hunt in order to allow for maximum time actually doing our job which is fixing Birds. A good decider is whether or not you will have to wait for Birds tool kit to start the job or if you are confident that you can change a tube in a flat tire on a M365 or successfully adjust the play out of a neck on a bird zero without it binding, with the tools you have in your box already. You do have a box right? Again, something tells me if you have to ask that question you should stick to charging. Oh, and if I seem a little put off it’s because people like you occupy our positions hold on to birds that you can’t repair but someone else definitely can and just overall occupy our resources. it’s not all about the money and believe me you will get choked out or your repairs will come back as incomplete and you won’t make any money. Please people don’t forget, I mechanic requires a professional mechanical background. Bird may not say it, but I will. If you’re a well skilled incompetent mechanic then I apologize but I don’t think so. If you were there would be no question as to what job you should go with : the one you have experience in and have done your whole life just in a different format or the one everyone is new to because there is no such thing as professional charger prior to this. TBH you probably won’t last at either. You have to be resourceful observant and quick to make decisions, not write on a message board letting others guide your thought. They will guide you right off of the trail and away from their money. I’m not, I’m confident in my abilities I’m just being brutally honest with you because I’m tired of dealing with the like. Noob mechs, are like hoarders are to chargers. Bain of our existence, waste of space and resources and then like the rest will try and sell us the parts you were allotted back to us on eBay, which you never used because you don’t have a clue. There are many other issues other than just occupying resources, incomplete repairs are getting ridiculous. Luckily I’m in a market where there actually are some decent mechanics but the ones who aren’t mechanics at all go out and collect like we do, we see them on the street. They don’t want to be left out and if they were actual mechanics I couldn’t blame them. I have been doing this for a year and in the beginning and throughout my peak I’ve always had a personal goal of 3 Birds per hour, in monetary terms $45 an hour which is in line with what I earn as a self-employed vehicle mechanic. The difference is I don’t have to deal with people with bird. The general population is giving me less and less to like everyday and this is a perfect example. so these Chargers who applied to be a mechanic and are now in over their head but can’t go back to being a charger have to fake it to make it the good news is it pays on average three to four times more than charging does so they only have to fake a few repairs. also, sometimes they get lucky and it’s just tightening a call or here and there but more often than not their head doesn’t even go towards making the repair it is focused on disguising the fact they never touched them but want to get paid full wage. Now it is not uncommon for me to spend 2 hours on half of the birds I collect each day, the other half usually have to be taken to storage, either because of parts limitations, shit repairs accumulated to unreasonable amounts, inability to repair because of (brain) damage or some other fudged attempt at a repair. Then, there are some that get hit by cars or have electrical issues beyond our scope and are legit. Those literally used to only be a couple a week for me anyway. it literally is to the point where half of them have to go to storage because of flats, broken levers or even rubbed through grips. Why? Mainly because of people who probably weren’t even suited to be a charger trying to moonlight as a mechanic for bird just because nobody’s watching and it pays $15 instead of five. I went from time being the only limiting factor to sitting out there twiddling my thumbs only to race a woman or some pretty boy who smells like cologne and is obviously on his way to a desk job because he’s wearing a polo tucked into khakis with a braided leather belt (sorry go to your local dealership and look in the repair shop, how many do you see?) With a perfect manicure she bought with bird “repair” money, no doubt , curl her lip at me like I’m the imposter. I almost wish there were an opportunity to work out of a central location with the same people but get paid per piece. I would work circles around these people and take away their will to show up tomorrow, guaranteed… I’m not sexist, I’m a realist. I’m not even that great of a mechanic, but I’ve been doing it 20 years and know how to turn a wrench. I love these people that haven’t even been working 20 weeks and all of a sudden they know everything. Like anything else good in this world somebody has to come along and fuk it up for the rest of us. I’m sorry if this is not you and I just took it all out on your post but based off the title, it is you and it will definitely generate a lot of interest from the people I AM directing this towards. Maybe next time, avoid those three key phrases as your title. I would like to add three words before it… "DON’T FUK WITH" Bird Mechanic’s Money!!