Bird haters, pile of Dumped scooters


Found a pile of Birds dumped mid day in a McDonalds parking lot. Untangled them, righted them on a sidewalk, inspected them for damage, reported the damaged scooters and sent a note to Bird Support. Support replied back with a canned response, “do it right the next time” and pasted the instructions. Dang if I do this again. Instead I submit a report to 311 for code enforcement and let Bird deal with the city of Austin


Come to los angeles. All birds are like that here


This was not a nest but an obvious dump. So in LA birds are being gathered up and move and thrown into piles? If so, there must be a reason and probably a term for this type of activity.


I’d say it was a hoarder who got busted and just dumped his scooters… that happens a lot in LA so yeah I always called them a hoarder’s stash dump lol

it’s also how I got terminated from Bird so be careful messing with the hoarders’ dumps!!
(I found a bunch of high value scooters early in the morning and got the dreaded “capture blocked for moving” error message and was annoyed and stupid so I scanned more… a few hours later got a terminated letter. Meanwhile the same people have been blatantly hoarding for 5+ months…)


Thanks for the insight, I’ll keep that in mind for the future. These birds actually showed up as available to ride in the app. I came back after the capture time opened and got them for the lowest bounty.




Standard nest for a hoarder doing a “release”?? I believe it!!


I have seen ALOT of that happening in San Antonio as well. The sad part alot of ignorant people believe it’s a normal thing that is done and consider these scooters to be a safety hazard.


Did u ever get your job back???


where was the camera filming that?