Bird fencing off outer parts of Vienna


Today when I looked into the Bird app again, I saw something I haven’t seen before here in Vienna… there’s now a big bold red zone around the inner districts, which means it’s a “no-go” or at least a “no park” zone. The boundaries are more sloppily drawn than with Lime’s business area whose boundaries follow streets more closely, but they are there. This means that while up until now, you could take a Bird scooter to all of Vienna and park it there, even far outside of Lime’s business area, it’s now limited to the inner districts, namely the 1st and 6th through 9th district and parts of the 3rd through 5th, 12th and 14th through 19th district. The 2nd and the 20th through 23rd districts are pretty much completely ruled out save for some border zones. These areas are now in part being surrendered to Lime, who apparently has increased their fleet size to over 400 scooters again.

Did you have something similar happen in your city as well?