Bird doesn't let me apply as a charger


So Bird came to my city and I decided to apply for the charger position, but upon submitting the form I get an error that says: “You already have an account with Bird. Please login to your Bird app to apply.”
I did not have an account by that time, then I made one through the app just to find out that there isn’t any way to apply for charger from the app.
I emailed them with my problem and they responded with "Bla-bla yes we indeed came to your city bla bla you can apply for being a charger from here (the link from their site which didn’t work for me).
Okay so I emailed them again with the same problem and they again send me an automated email with the link for applying.
These two emails were exchanged in 2 weeks (slow support :frowning:). Yesterday I emailed them once again using the “Not satisfied” support feedback option.

So TL;DR - Do you have any idea why this might be occurring and any possible solution.

Thanks in advance.


If you have a rider account, you don’t need to create another account.

In the app, on the left side, there is a drop-down menu. In that menu there should be a link for making money or charging scooters, etc. If so, tap it and follow prompts. If it isn’t there, sign out and sign back in. If still not there, make sure they didn’t already activate you as a charger. Look for the slider that navigates between rider and charger mode. If that isn’t present, you will have to keep trying support, or try to find out where the local bird warehouse is and see if a manager will speak with you.

I hope this helps.