Battery Chargers


I have 4 Lime scooter battery chargers. Will these work for charging Bird scooters?


Been wondering the same, from what I saw online it looks like you can? As long as they are the same wattage and amps, should fit. Only one way to find out! Lol


They sell generic ones that are supposed to work for both… 71w 42v 1.7a (or less amperage) I think those numbers are right… 1.7amp is for sure


True. I charges a bird scooter last night using the chargers I received from Lime. Worked just fine.


Not my battery… not my problem… just as long as it doesn’t explode lol…


Yes, my Bird charger worked to charge my Lime. Lol


tl;dr Yes.

What matters is the charger output. Voltage must match, pretty much exactly (at least on the specs) and amps should be more-or-less close. The scooters must be regulating the charging themselves so they don’t overcharge. So, should all be good, as long as it’s giving a steady voltage. #notAnElectrician


Yes and no. The new bird Chargers I just got are 2.4 amps. If you use a 1.7 amp charger it will work just way slower. My father, an electrician, always used to say that you should also look for the frequency to match too. I’m not sure if frequency is the right word but what we were looking at is the -•- or — type combination near the amp output.


I would be a bit skeptical here, given that there have been battery fires reported by Lime already. Are you sure that all those scooters regulate the charge themselves and also can handle slight variations in the transformer output? I can recall a similar problem with LaCrosse NiMh battery chargers… there were several meltdowns, and they found they were caused by changing the power supply which now gave a slightly higher output voltage which the power regulator of the charger couldn’t handle. In the end they made a new verson of the charger with a totally redesigned circuit board.


It’s not frequency… this is DC. What you are referring to is making certain that the charging cord is actually wired with the same polarity as the plug on the device… yes, reverse charging these batteries is a good way to possibly burn your house down.

It’s not hard to explain what will and will not work, as far as using a charger with a different rating, but all of that depends on how well these scooters are made… they are designed to be very cheap and they are subjected to a ton of abuse. It’s a bad idea to assume that they are going to gracefully handle being given extra current or voltage… frankly, it’s a bad idea to not have these things plugged into a ground fault, considering that they are constantly in the weather.


Good idea about the gfi!0