After a Month Of Not Charging I come back to This?


So I start to hunt down Birds and Limes and immediately notice that the game seems to have changed. I am able to find scooters in larger numbers. I am seeing MUCH fewer chargers when in the past everyone was fighting for each Bird and Lime - so what gives?

Now I know that bounties aren’t what they used to be but as I am finding more scooters in less time it’s actually working well for me but that said, it feels like I am the only one out there.

What gives?!


Where are you charging?


West LA. Brentwood area.


I am in Brentwood South Austin


What a coincidence!

I guess my question is directed to those that work in LA as your situation may be different. That said, have you noticed any difference in your area? Fewer hoarders, fewer chargers period? If so, any insight as to why?

I guess I should be happy and not ask too many questions but inquiring minds want to know.


The reason and only reason I came up with is how the companies change there payscale dramatically…no more 20$ bounties. And they got rid the hoarders cause scooters or on a set bounty meaning the bounty price stays the same and it’s very low at that, like 8. So that’s why everyone pretty much quit…do u know any other company who dramatically changed there payscale on there employees, it’s like 60% difference in peoples gross income.