Access juicer mode


Hi, i picked my chargers 5 days ago but in the app in dont have the option to get the juicer mode. I tried to email the company but they are not really helping…
If someone have an idea what to do it will be great. Thanks


First, Make sure you really don’t have access to juicer mode. On the main screen of the app, in the top-left corner, there are three lines. This takes you to your profile. From your profile page, there is a button on the top-right corner that toggles between rider and juicer modes. It says “Rider” or “Juicer” depending on which mode you are in. If you don’t have this, or it doesn’t toggle, then reply back to the e-mail that told you that you could order chargers. Let them know that your chargers arrived and juicer mode needs to be activated. Attach a photo of your chargers. Just keep bugging them.