A Day without a Charger


I don’t know about anybody else but I am so fed up with charging/ juicing prices constantly being lowered without any consideration to us “independent contractors”! When I first started being a charger in October of last year (yes, it’s been a year!), Limes were $6 at the lowest and birds were $5. Now, I saw limes for as low as $2.60 in DTLA, and birds, well I couldn’t tell you because I was kicked out of charging for bird months ago. When I emailed bird and asked them to please let me know what I did to get fired, or rather, what part of the service agreement I violated to constitute terminating our contract by which I could no longer charge birds anymore. They replied,
That’s it, absolutely nothing. I’ve sent them multiple emails requesting an answer, begging for a reply, pleading for a response, and NOTHING! Not a single email back. But I’m getting off topic now, that’s a whole other issue that does not pertain to my original topic here.
Needless to say, I’m sure birds are around the same price as limes to charge, give or take a few pennies here or there.
Now, we as chargers have no real options here. We either go with the companies, and pick up these $4.20, $3.70, $2.60 Limes/ Birds and accept the lower pay because we have no say, no voice, no stake in this, our job, our work, our livelihood, or we quit, pack it up, put our chargers on eBay, Facebook, Letgo for sale and look for another gig to do, another hustle to come up on.
But, for me, I don’t want to choose between these 2 pathetic options. I don’t want to “settle” for these chincy charging prices nor do I want to accept defeat and throw away all that I have learned, invested my time in, my energy in, my money in,
If only we could band together, all of us chargers, us juicers and let these companies know that they can’t push us around, abuse us, work us like slaves or indentured servants who get paid little to nothing so they can continue to enrich themselves and fill their bank accounts while us chargers, us juicers, get chump change deposited into our accounts. We need to let them know what a day without a Charger, a day without a Juicer would be like. When the money stops rolling in because there are no scooters for riders to use that are charged and in their proper hubs waiting for riders to use them.
I believe then they will respect us, then they will not step on us like we’re floor mats. Then, they will provide us with a phone number we can call to answer our questions right away,
But for this to happen, we must all not pick up a single bird, lime, even wheels transporters can join us so Lime, Bird, Wheels, can feel it where it counts, their wallets. To not abuse us again, to raise those charging prices back up, to the prices they enticed us with to join them and be independent contractors for them.
We should choose a day that we decide not to pick up a single bird, lime, wheel, etc. A day or even a weekend to make us matter. But for this to work, we all must agree not to work. For if some do and some don’t, then they win, for they will feel that they can do whatever they want and someone will always side with them and keep us powerless. Let’s choose a day, a day that would be a big day for the companies to lose big and really feel it.


Sounds like forming a union. Which I’m sure with all the cheap folks in this world they don’t have anything to worry about.
Dude, here in Dallas (don’t know about anywhere else) they now charge JUMPs at the warehouse. Pay 2.50 each to pickup and bring in and 1.25 each to pick up and drop off in morning. We used to pick up in day and charge to use at night on the katy trail in the wee hours and recharge by 7, great fun, but that’s gone now! :frowning: